Suno Chanda Sequel Has Been Confirmed And Here Are 5 Things We Really Don’t Want To See!

Ramzan Special Drama Serial Suno Chanda created quite some waves!

Everyone loved the show and how!

And now for all the fans to rejoice, it has been officially announced that season 2 is definitely in the pipeline!

While we are equally ecstatic, There are 5 things we definitely DON’T want to see in the squeal! PLEASE!

1.Mellow Down Jiya aka Iqra Aziz a bit, PLEASE!

Yes Please. we all know Arsal and Jiya’s fun war was the USP of the drama but you have to agree with us that Jia was getting pretty annoying after first few episodes!

2.Please do not drag it for 30 episodes!

We get the point Ramzan is for 30 days but they could have cut short and telecast on alternate days!

Because trust us the middle part was just crap and too much dragging!

3.Why was Billo given so much footage? No Billo Rani

We are still not sure what was she suppose to do in the show or what she eventually did :/

4.Kinza need better expressions if she makes it to Season 2!!!

Well we just have one thing to say

5.Please make Farhan Saeed work now, Do’t make a guy doing nothing in life a hero!

Eventually people really idolizes the characters they see onscreen, especially the shows which are this big a hit!

We really hope that Arsal is no more a ‘waila’ in the new season! Such a big turn off!!

Every shoe has some drawbacks and these were the annoying factors in Suno Chanda according to us. Let us know what you think.

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