Reactions- ” I feel like the Salman Khan of Pakistan” says Fahad Mustafa!

Actor Fahad Mustafa starred in two Pakistani films this Eid, JPNA 2 and Load Wedding, luckily both of his films are doing well in Pakistan.

Recently, In an interview with BBC, Fahad Mustafa made a statement (in a humorous way) comparing himself to a Bollywood superstar

“Since the past four years, producers have been releasing their films on Eid because it’s the time of the year when the masses of the country come to the cinema. I have often had films releasing on Eid as well and

I don’t know if I should say this but I feel like the Salman Khan of Pakistan,” said Fahad.

But the internet and we Pakistani people never spare anyone 😂

The reactions that followed after Fahad’s statement were hilarious!

This is how people are reacting:

Baat to hai..


JUST NO! Simple NO


Well, all we can say is that there’s only one Salman Khan!

Fahad Mustafa right now:

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