What is Mahira Khan’s new venture all about?

From starring opposite Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan in her first debut film in India to attending the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, Pakistan’s sweetheart Mahira Khan is leaving no stone unturned!

Mahira now taps into the world of fashion with “Mashion” EXCITING!

The actress shared some fun videos on her Instagram with the caption:
From me to you @mashionpk?

Have a look!

Mahira’s personal style is pretty much the same like we see in these videos, it instills the belief of everyday fashion. Comfort is the key 🔑

So this is what MASHIONPK is all about!

It is a discovery portal for young women! Looking like our favourite star has become alot more easier because Mahira herself will be giving us fashion inspiration everyday.

Mahira is always the first one to take a step forward in our industry and we love her for that!

Who wouldn’t want to look like Mahira? Like DUHHH HELL YESSS!!!

Guess we have to wait till the 15th to know all about it!

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