Key Points- Pakistan’s 22nd Prime Minister Imran Khan address the nation for the first time!

Imran Khan sworn in as the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan with a vow to rebuild Pakistan and make it a nation which our Quaid dreamed of.

PM Imran Khan addressed the nation for the first time and we were in tears, what a speech!

Here are some important key points of the speech.

Major problems being faced by the economy of Pakistan:

• Children suffering from stunted growth in Pakistan.

• Pakistan is borrowing $2 BN every month.

• Pakistans overall debt stands at rupees 28000 BN.

• Pakistan among top five countries where children die of dirty water.

• Pakistans 7th most vulnerable country to climate change.

• 524 servants serve country’s premier.

• We Pakistans are heading towards annihilation.

Immediate corrective measures to be taken to revive the economy of Pakistan:

How can we solve these problems and save Pakistan? Khan explained:

• Will keep only two employees/servants.

• Will keep only two bullet proof cars (that too because of security reasons)
Rest of 31 vehicles will be auctioned.

• Prime Minister house to be converted into a research university.

• Will constitute a task to force to plumbery exorbitant expenditures.

• Khan calls on citizens to pay tax.

• Will hike exports by helping conglomerate.

• Pm urges overseas to stash cash in Pakistani banks.

• Khan announced to retain ministry of interior.

• Corrupt elements will be make rumpus once accountability process will be kicked off.

• Will introduce mass reforms in judiciary sector.

• Will plant more trees in the country.

Notes written by Khan himself!

What a moving address to the nation…
We are sending loads of prayers for you IK as you embark on this mission to fix Pakistan! Love you.

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