Farhan Saeed, the king of dreamy ballads, is back with an upbeat new single called “Maula”

Farhan Saeed, the king of dreamy ballads, is back with an upbeat new single called “Maula”, in an international collaboration with the famed Rishi Rich. The song is released by Universal Music Group.


There’s no end to this singer turned actor turned international star’s creativity! And this song is a testament to that because Farhan composed the melody himself and staying true to his dedication towards both singing and acting, he has also done a phenomenal job playing the lead in the video! The music video also stars Kiran Malik, and is directed by Adnan Qazi.

Garnering success with his catchy singles like Pee Jaun, TuThori Der and not to forget, the melodic cover of one of Ustaad Nusrat’s iconic “Halka Halka Suroor” it goes without saying that Farhan’s singing was already lauded over the subcontinent but now he has reached an all new level of artistry.

The song is also proof of how much of an all-round artist this superstar is, and that he can have fun with any kind of musical approach. The song uses electronic-pop sounds and the lyrics contain underlying themes of tragic love and the hardships that embody lovers.

The song was released earlier this week and it became an instant sensation on the internet with 5 million views within the first 24 hours – which is beyond brilliant! Stars and glitterati from all over the subcontinent and beyond have praised this unusual experiment between artists beyond borders and why not, it is a creative stroke of genius!

The song video can be found here, we can’t have you miss this one!


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