5 Pakistani TV Shows That You Can Binge Watch Again And Again!

Pakistan’s entertainment industry is at its all time boom and the only thing which is responsible for the actual revival of it is our Pakistani Dramas!

Not the ones to stretch over 100’s of years

Or with same character dying and coming back to life 5 times in one serial

Or the over dramatic vamps

Our dramas are the closest to reality, with some amazing content, great acting and superb execution!

Here are 5 Pakistani Dramas that you can binge watch again and again!

We Bet On That!


This has to be the best tv show of all time in the worls. And we totally mean it.

Fawad Khan, Sanam Baloch, Saba Qamar and Ahsan Khan starrer Daastan is a tragic love story with Indo-Pak partition as its backdrop. This is one drama that grows on and we can assure you that by then end of the serial, there won’t be a single dry eye. Its also a delight to see the Muslim heritage in its finery through this drama.

Take our word for it and watch it if you staill haven’t!

Ps. You’ll fall in love with Hassan and Bano!


With a great ensemble cast, Udaari has multiple social issues associated with it. It reflects the ills of our society that includes child abuse, degrading music as a career, negative political support etc. The best part however is it’s not preachy in any way but such important matters are tackled with great sensitivity and grace.

Its serves message through entertainment and keeps one hooked till the last episode. Kudos to the team for bringing such an amazing show that will be remembered always.

Udaari received all the critical acclaim and commercial success and it’s totally worth it!


Possibly the most loved Tv show till today, Humsafar created two superstars Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan. It is one show that became a craze and maybe it still is!

Last episode had special screenings in cinemas we remember, So now you know what masterpiece this is!

We doubt there is anyone who hasn’t seen this one already, but but if you haven’t then you’re definitely missing out on life!

PS. Ashar and Khirad are classic!


Internet sensation Qandeel Baloch’s biopic, Baaghi became the talk of the town from the time it was announced.

It is based on the real life story of Qandeel whose bold choice of life and then her murder in the name of honor killing became a debate all over. Actor par excellence Saba Qamar played the protagonist and you would know what superlative performance she must have done! Surely can’t miss this one!

5.Zindigi Gulzar Hai

We think its probably the story of Cinderella, in reality. An extra ordinary story of an ordinary girl will make you believe in yourself and probably in fate. And might also make you fall in love!

Watch the unusual pairing and love story of Zaroon and Kashaf in the most real way possible!

Let us know what you think or which other show should have made it to this list!

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