Will Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan visit Pakistan to celebrate Imran Khan’s victory?

Now that Chairman of PTI, Imran Khan is (almost) our new prime minister

We came across this old video of Bollywood actor Aamir Khan, where he had publicly promised Imran Khan that he would visit Pakistan after his political victory.


“I really like the idealism and the dream in you. I wish you succeed in fulfilling your dream. I wish Pakistan gets a government that can really solve its problems, a party that is determined to bring prosperity to Pakistan. It will be good not just for Pakistan but for everyone else.”
My heart tells me that you will succeed because you have been doing this for years. When you started out, you faced numerous challenges. Yet, you are still firm in your convictions and you are still at it.”

“When you win the election, I will definitely come to Pakistan to celebrate your victory. And I will bring lots of Indians with me too.”


Pakistani’s are now reminding Aamir Khan about the promise he made


Do you think Aamir Khan will fulfill his vow of visiting Pakistan?

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