Top 2 Pictures From Hum Awards 2018!

We are still shocked how photography matters so much today!

Two images can just tell a different story ALTOGETHER!

Here are Top 2 Images from Hum Awards that completely mesmerized us!

1.Mawra Hocane In Manish Malhotra

WOAH!! We were expecting it to be the look of the evening when we saw this! *lovestruck*

But contrary to our belief, This look was also a miss! BECAUSE

Still 10/10 for that picture though!

2. Mahira Khan’s Performance Look!

Giving the Sri Devi/Madhuri Dixit vibes, and we are totally in love!

Though surprisingly Mahira Khan also didn’t make it to our Best Dressed List but still we have to give her for looking just picture perfect in this image and in her performance!


Let us know what are your thoughts!

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