This particular gown of Marilyn Monore was sold for $5.6M

Marilyn Monore, America’s most beloved actress, singer, and model of the 1950’s is iconic for soo many reasons

Men wanted her and women wanted to look like her

Marilyn was the undisputed queen of the glamour world in 1950s

But do you know a dress of Marilyn from her film was voted as the most iconic screen costume!

and that dress was sold at auction for $5.6m


Marilyn wore this dress, which was designed by costume designer William Travilla, in the 1955 film “The Seven Year Itch”

While filming the film, a train passed underground, her dress blew upwards, with Marilyn flirtatiously trying to keep it down, that scene became the most iconic scene in movie history just like her dress! 

Also following the designer of the film, William’s death in 1990, his costume sketch for the gown was sold for $50,000 (33.25 lakh approx) 


No matter what, Marilyn Monore will always remain a favourite!

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