This Bollywood Heart Throb Makes An Appearance in Teefa In Trouble!

We all know its a golden time for our film industry!

Some amazing scripts, superlative performances and well executed films are making us all proud!

Ali Zafar and Maya Ali starrer Teefa In Trouble has broken all recent records and emerged as a winner at box office!


While we are yet to see the film, we have heard something which makes us even eager to watch the film

Bollywood’s powerhouse performer and a man whose energy matches to none, Ranveer Singh makes a guest appearance in our movie!!

Isn’t it just too exciting?

Well we definitely think its a moment to be proud of when the superstars across border are also supporting our film just like us and ours!

On another note, Acclaimed Indian films production house YRF Films are also the official international distributors of the film.

Let us know if you have watched the film.

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