The New Rage in Town: “Keto Diet”

The New Rage in Town: “Keto Diet”

In the era of being immensely body conscious, everyone around us is jumping on the bandwagon to get the perfect body and people start following whatever path promises to give them that.

Speaking of the promising paths to help you achieve your bod-goals, we cannot let the “Keto Diet” go unnoticed.

This diet has been one of the most popular health trends in recent times. In essence, Keto works behind the idea that a state of ketosis gets induced in our body during the low carb and high-fat diet (Yes! we’re talking about all those full fat cheeses’ and spoons-full of desi ghee). Just to explain this in a few words, ketogenic diet is believed to force the human body to burn fat instead of sugar for energy, resulting in weight-loss.

Cutting out on carbs and giving-up on PIZZA or irresistible parathas made by your mom, can never be as convenient as it sounds.

It might be even worse than break ups

But to give you that boost of much needed motivation, here are some celebrities who are complete devotees of the keto diet.

From VS angel Adriana Lima, famous for her endless legs,

To the Kardashian clan brought to the heights by their bums and tums. All swear by the drastic effects of switching to keto diet.  

So, all hail to this new weight-loss strategy ladies! Bring on those extra toppings of whipped cream and big buckets of juicy crispy chicken because now we can satisfy the desi foodies in us and still watch the pounds drop off. A win-win situation isn’t it?

Share your Keto diet experience with us!

(some people see great results with the keto diet, but it’s not right for everyone)

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