Star Of The Month: 5 Things We Love About Maya Ali

Birthdays are always special!

Basking in the success of her first big screen release ‘Teefa In Trouble’, Maya Ali celebrates her 29th birthday today.

To celebrate her birthday in our own way, We list you five things we just loved about Maya Ali!

1.Mannu will always remain a favourite!

Man Mayal’s sucess is history now. Maya Ali as Mannu won the hearts of many. Her innocence and solid character made us fall in love with her and the drama

And obviously her onscreen chemistry with Hamza Ali Abbasi!



2.Her Recent Style Upgrade!

We always thought no one could do style game better than Mahira Khan when it comes to our actresses, but wait guys, Maya Ali just proved us wrong and how!

Stylist Ania Fawad and Maya Ali has set the standards just too high!


3.Maya’s love for her family!

Just like any one of us, or may be a little more, Maya Ali showers her family with all her love and affection. And most importantly she is always making time for them irrespective of busy her schedule. 

And also her love for babies!


4.Teefa In Trouble!

Anyone who has seen Teefa In Trouble as yet will totally agree with us! This movie actually established Maya as a commercial mainstream actress and its absolutely worth it!

5.Always vocal about issues that matter!

We love the fact that Maya Ali always speaks her mind and raises her voice and opionion with the ones in need!

Because she know her voice reaches to millions and she makes sure she uses it for the right!

We can go on and on about Maya, but for now we just want to wish her 


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