Some Hilarious AF Jahangir Tareen and Independent Candidates memes

Twitter just cannot stop making memes on Jahangir Tareen and his effort to get independent candidates

Jahangir Tareen, who is one of the most wealthiest politician of Pakistan

Well, he was assigned to get independent MPA’s join PTI to ensure PTI’s lead in the province and so that his best friend Imran Khan can assume the charge of prime ministership for the first time.

And ladies and gentlemen, he like a true friend is leaving no stone unturned

He is bringing independent candidates to Bani Gala in his own jet

Despite the fact that he does not hold any position in the party anymore as he was declared disqualified by the supreme court as not being “sadiq and ameen”

He’s that RIDE OR DIE kind of dost

and obviously, Twitteratis never spare anyone…… 

Twitter is filled with some hilarious memes of his endless efforts to get independent candidates


Check them out:


Wait, we might just call him right away….



We really appreciate Jahangir Tareen for being a true friend of our Prime Minister! As they say, a friend in need is a friend indeed

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