Janhvi Kapoor Recalls The Time Of Mother Sri Devi’s Demise

Life happens when you least expect it.

Sri Devi’s untimely demise left everyone shocked and saddened but no one can imagine the pain her daughters Janhvi and Khushi went through or are

Janhvi Kapoor who recently made her big Bollywood debut with Karan Johar’s film ‘Dhadak’, reveals what kept her going during that time.

She says “I thought I was going to lose my mind if I didn’t do that. And I would have, promise you, if I didn’t have Dhadak. If I didn’t have the opportunity to act or be in front of the camera, there would have been no purpose in life to keep me going.”

Janhvi also shares how she still has to accept the fact that she has a life without Sri Devi being in it now , “No. I haven’t got around the acceptance stage yet. It’s just that there hasn’t been time or I haven’t allowed myself the time to come to terms with everything. There’s a stage of denial that we’re all going through. I wanted to shoot the next day (after the cremation). But the shoot got cancelled. I was like, No, I must go back, I need to be on the set.”

It must have been the toughest time for a child to lose one’s parent however somethings are not in anyone’s control. For now Janhvi has a major reason to smile as her earnest performance in Dhadak has won many hearts and the movie will soon be crossing the Rs 50 crore mark at the box office.


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