BREAKING STEREOTYPES! Coke Studio 11 has included transgender singers in “Hum Dekhain Gay”

Breaking Stereotypes!

“Jo mai bhi hoon, aur tum bhi ho”, are the wise words said by Faiz Ahmed Faiz, epitomising the undeniable reality of life. However, in the struggle to achieve perfection of the world, man has pretermitted the diversities which truly makes the world beautiful.

Coke studio Season 11 rejects all social stigmas and features the most neglected minorities of our society. The white fragment of the Pakistani Flag

Coke Studio launches out it’s season 11 with a powerful rendition of Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s remarkable piece of literature; “Hum dekhain Gain” by featuring the neglected minorities of the society, it gives out the strong message of living in harmony and accepting the differences between each other. We get the glimpse of all aspects of our Pakistani flag, including the white fragment.

Amongst all talented artists, Lucky and Naghma stood up the most. Both transgenders gained immense prominence due to the pain of suppression in their voice and the peaceful message of equality they brought up to the world.

By breaking all taboos, coke studio instigated the normalisation of transgenders not just in Pakistan but also in the neighbouring country.

The music video is sure to give everyone some chills and the goosebumps will remain persistent.

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