5 promises Prime Minister Imran Khan pledges upon!

Prime minister Imran khan is winning hearts already after his victory speech!

Bollywood veteran actor Rishi Kapoor also tweeted about it:

People who didn’t vote for Imran are regretting their decision already

Here are the TOP 5 promises Imran Khan pledges upon:

1- “The prime minister house, the palace i will be embarrassed going and living there. Our government will decide what we will do with our PM house. We want to turn it into an educational or public institutions.”

2- “I will pledge to you, i will protect the tax money of the awaam”

3- ” I promise to the nation that i will be the same Imran Khan who will protect your money. Who will change this system of elite governance.”

4- “We want the kind of institutions that will ask Imran Khan and his ministers questions. Accountability will begin with us and then trickle down”

5- “We will not let political victimisation of anyone happen. No one will be above the law; this is our aim. And for these checks and balance we need strong institutions”

6- “We are ready to investigate any rigging claims with the opposition”

We hope and pray that he delivers what he is pledging, which we are sure he will!

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