Sonya Hussain Takes A dig at Mahira Khan!

We normally don’t promote cat fights or animosity through our platform but this got stuck in our head! 

Reading through one of our favourite pakistani magazine, Good Times, We came across quite a statement made from an actress to a star of our country

Hold on, Calm Down, We are going to tell! 😎

Well in June 2018 issue of Good Times Magazine, Actress Sonya Hussain was asked for a one liner (what she wants to say or think about them) on few actors in her interview.

What struck us was her not so friendly take on the real superstar of our country Mahira Khan.

When asked for her stance on Mahira Khan, she said:

‘Next time you go to Cannes hopefully L’Oreal will make you take a film too’. 

OUCH! This was nasty.

Honestly, in our opinion this statement is totally uncalled for. We feel super proud of Mahira Khan taking Pakistan’s name to such a prestigious platform with all the grace and respect.

If one actually puts any feeling of envy aside, Whether its a film with Shahrukh Khan or Cannes Film Festival, these platforms are coming to her because of her work. Because she and her work has been loved by the audience. 

Also Sonam Kapoor, the most talked about Cannes personality now and even Aishwarya Rai Bachchan for that matter are also representatives of the same brand at Cannes, never heard such statements from their end 🤦🏼‍♀️

All in all we would really like to see Sonya also going to Cannes soon with her quality of work InshaAllah! 

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