Some Hilarious AF Responses to Swara Bhaskar’s Statement!

An all in all Indian #Chickflick, Veere Di Wedding starring Kareena Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor had a lot of buzz and fans in Pakistan too were very excited to watch.

Much to everyone’s dismay, the film got banned in Pakistan due to ‘vulgur content’. Voices were raised against and for it but a rule passed by state has to be followed and  we all obeyed.

However, one of the actress in the film Swara Bhaskar,


Well let us first tell you who she is…

One might not know you know…

Okay not sure which one?


Well this one above🔝


Yeah this one🔝

So yeah new in scene, Swara Bhaskar went on to say something really nasty and crude on national television against Pakistan and its decision to ban the film.

(Video credits: @doctorblogger on Instagram)

Naturally these comments didnt go well with ALL the Pakistanis!

Here’s the response from Team People Pakistan!

And now lets show you some of the best responses So far! 🤣


Some who were heartbroken and boycotted the film!

Then there were some who were irritated by more things other than her words 😂

And some great advices


Some People knew exactly what happened

Some were relieved with the ban


While some gave her a recap and judged her for hypocrisy

And some just gave her a taste of her mind🙈

And this is not all, its growing!

Well we think she really got in a mood probably because its her first big film. We can be meaner but lets leave it here. It would be better for her she could watch her words as she definitely lost a lot of sincere followers as well.

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