Its true when people say when you’re in love, nothing else matters!

Some of our favourite celebrities just prove this right. No matter how much of the age difference there may be, For them what matters the most is love!

1. Alia Bhatt – Ranbir Kapoor

Too much gossip is going on about these two. But we still think there is no smoke without fire!

If they actually turn out to be a couple then one thing is for sure, Ranbir (35) and Alia (25) will prove that age is just a number!

2. Blake Lively – Ryan Reynolds

11 years apart, Ryan Reynolds (41) and Blake Lively (30) always make us believe in fairy tales.

Gorgeous human beings, fabulous actors, amazing parents and the best partner to each other. They show beyong doubt how love triumphs all!

3. Meghan Markle – Prince Harry

A lot has been said, a lot has been debated, a lot has been memed, this newly married royal couple is a proof of a happy ending! 

Three years older to Prince Harry (33), Meghan and Prince Harry are just like any other couple smitten in love!

4. Priyanka Chopra – Nick Jonas

To be honest, this news actually left us like’What’ , becauae you know… we didnt see that coming. Well nobody did! 

10 years senior to Nick Jonas, Priyanka is giving a vibe if being sorted in a relationship and we just wish them all the best!

5. Wasim Akram – Shaniera Akram

There was Sushmita Sen and there wear quite a few more rumours but when Wasim Akram announced his marriage to Shaniera, everyone was startled. 

Not because she was a foreigner but because she is 17 years her junior! Now parents to 3 beautiful kids, this very much in love couple shows how age can just be a number!

6. Shahid Kapoor – Mira Rajput

Shahid Kapoor went for an arrange marriage, when that wasn’t enough to shock his fans, the age difference between the couple left everyone gasping.

But honestly their 14 years age gap makes no difference when one sees them together. They certainly look just made for each other!

7. Salman Khan – Katrina Kaif

Not sure of their current relation status, Salman and Katrina we hope will end uo together! Once a couple, these two are 18 years apart! Can you believe it?

Well for us its still not sinking in! 

Going by these celebs and their love for each other, we definitely now believe that fairy tales exist beyond age!


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