Why Lady Diana refused to wear Chanel!

Princess of the people, Lady Diana is still remembered for her striking personality and her personal take on the royal life.

Not only everyone’s a fan of her aura till date but also of her impeccable sense of fashion.

While going through some of her old pictures online, we came across a very interesting fact.

Lady Diana, post her divorce in 1996, never wore the luxury brand ‘Chanel’ ever.

This was revealed by Australian Designer, Jayson Brundson, who also worked as a stylist for Lady Diana during her final visit for the country.
He revealed ‘ I found a pair of Chanel shoes and said ‘That would look great with that Versace’ and she said ‘no, I can’t wear linked C’s, the double Cs’. So I asked ‘Why?’ And she said ‘It’s Camilla and Charles’.

One of the reason behind Prince Charles and Lady Diana’s divorce was also his involvement with Camilla, who later became Duchess of Cornwall when Prince Charles married her in 2005.

Therefore, The double Cs carried bitter emotions with it for the lady.

Though Lady Diana during her marriage was spotted numerous times carrying bags of the luxury designer but never after her divorce.

All we say now is that we wished she had a happy married life. May she rest in peace.

Lady Diana will be remembered forever! 

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