For the first time in #Cannes history, Pakistan felt its presence felt.

And tbh, the only person who should be credited for that is none other than our superstar Mahira Khan.

Though we were confident that Mahira Khan is not going to let us down, deep inside we were also nervous on how her looks going to be, considering all kinds of fashion police are glued to Cannes red carpet!

But hold your breath, After reviewing all the looks of the most noted personalities, we have to admit that our girl got the most brownie points!

Here are our top three favourite looks of Mahira Khan at Cannes Film Festival 2018!


1. Menahel&MehreenXMahiraKhan

Like a true desi girl, Mahira Khan was a vision in our very own designer label ‘Menahel&Mehreen’. Minimal make up and braided hair were just adding to finest look of hers at Cannes, totally smitten by this one!

2. MaisonYeyaXMahiraKhan

Oh the Zalima feels! Looking sultry in this lavender Maison yeya off shoulders gown, Mahira Khan excluded the right amount of feminity and class!

3. ElanXMahiraKhan

How can this combo not work! Elan and Mahira Khan just had to sweep us off our feet and we totally loved it!

And just to let you know how difficult it was to choose our top three, here we have all her Cannes looks lined up for you!

And last but definitely not the least, Her red carpet look

Let us know your favourite look in the comments section!

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