Women get together against Ali Zafar!

Women get together against Ali Zafar!

The dirty little secret is not a secret anymore. Thousands of men and women are sexually harassed or assaulted every day in our country, and it didn’t just start. It has been happening since ages!

Today, a famous, strong and independent woman decided to break the norm by sharing her story, she came forward, and now she is a heroine to the hundreds of women in our country, who are saying “Me too.”

Just recently, singer Meesha Shafi accused Ali Zafar of sexual harassment!

However, Ali denied all such claims.

Just after the news broke, alot of women came out to share their story aswell!

Many of these women have nothing to gain from coming forth with allegations that they know will embarrass them and their families for years to come, because, that’s how it works in our country!

All we can say is, women are the backbone of the world! They deserve to be heard and supported when they come forward to share their experience.

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