#VeereDiWedding: 7 Dialogues That Every Girl Can Relate To!

First of its kind from Bollywood, #VeereDiWedding trailer has struck all the right chords with the girls of today!

Although the movie promises that #ImNotAChickFlick but A lot of things in the trailer got the girls go ‘So F****** True’

Ops Sorry we are already high on #VeereDiWedding vibe!

Here we have 7 Dialogues from the trailer of Veere Di Wedding that every girl at a marriageable age can relate to!


1. ‘Jitna bhi parhlo per jab tak b******* mangalsutar galay main nahi lagta, life complete nahi hoti’

There’s not even a single girl out there who hasn’t thought about this!
Even if you climb K2, the first question anyone or everyone would be interested in will be ‘What are your marriage plans?’

2. ‘Tou ab teri lenay k liye degree bhi chahi hai?’

This had us in splits! But cmon you cant marry someone who can’t talk about anything under the sun or a moon!
Without an international degree not really a prince charming you know!

3.’Rishab Why are you doing this?’

No matter whether its an arranged or a love marriage, getting cold feet is beyond normal! Guess its never easy to play this gamble!

4. ‘Bloody mother lover’

We love our mothers, and so definitely should boys

BUT GUYS, Stop finding your mothers in your girlfriends/wives, otherwise you know who you are becoming!

5. ‘Papa, Humney decide kiya tha 200 se ziada log nahi bulaingey’

Ahaaa! What you decide doesn’t actually happen at Big Fat Desi Wedding! Do you really think you can skip your chacha k beti ke nand k devar ke biwi ke khala on your wedding?
No way! Write her name on the card, and WITH FAMILY!

6. ‘Hum inkay liye shaadi kar rahay hain?’

Best of clothes, best of jewellery, best of arrangement, best of dances and best of just everything but for whom? YAS its all for that big long guest list!

Note: Shaadi is now no more about 2 souls coming together!

7.’Mujhey bacha lena jab main sub ka khoon kar dun’

Well exactly this one thought is on the girl’s mind at the time of the wedding,

or pre wedding

or post wedding!

And if not that, then

All in all, #VeereDiWedding has really hit a bull’s eye with it’s targeted audience! We can’t wait to see the girls do magic onscreen and give the guys a run for their money! 

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