The real status of Irrfan Khan’s health!

The real status of Irrfan Khan’s Health!

Sometimes, we wonder, how callous media can be. There is a balance to be struck between the public interest in a story, and the right of the individual to privacy and fair treatment. A responsible media must behave professionally and ethically and do its utmost to report accurately.

Despite requesting privacy, reports regarding Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan’s deteriorating health started doing rounds today.

Take a look!

and without any confirmed source, almost every other pakistani publication posted about it.

Well, Irrfan Khan’s spokesperson just denied all such claims.

In an official statement, he said “This latest round of news being spread through social medial in the last few days about Irrfan’s health is absolutely false and there’s no truth to it whatsoever. We as his family and friends again request the members of the media to continue their support and the prayers that have come Irrfan’s way. However it’s not right to spread rumours through medium of social media without fact check or any official validation. In the meanwhile, once again we request everyone to refrain from picking up social media statuses as affirmative developments on someone’s health.”

All we can say is, this should put an end to all speculations surrounding the actor’s health.

Also we as media publications, should double check before posting such news as it may hurt the sentiments of the families of the one whose suffering.

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