Momina Mustehsan Questions Ali Zafar Once Again!

Meesha Shafi- Ali Zafar scandal has raised many debates in our country. From public or private indecency of men to women using the #MeToo movement for their advantage, everything has been said under the sun.

While without proof and evidence it is unfair to put allegations on any party, still some vocal opinions and questions on this issue are rather clear as to who might be the culprit and victim.

We heard a lot of celebrities voicing their opionion on this matter. From Mahira Khan to Hamza Ali Abbasi, all of them chose social media to share their stance. 

What stuck the most was the open letter by singer Momina Mustehsan.

Momina’s (who reportedly has been a very close friend of Ali Zafar’s younger brother) reaction came to many as a shock. She clearly stood by Meesha Shafi and questioned Ali Zafar on his social conduct via this letter!

Well, she didnt stop here. She posted yet a couple of tweets standing firm by her queries!

While everyone thought this was it, but came today another tweet by the singer which has put everyone wondering now.

This makes us think whether she knows more about Ali Zafar’s behaviour and conduct, considering its proving as some kind of validation. 

Or it merely be she really need him to respond on something as serious as sexual harassment and not just ignore the whole fiasco by being silent and letting the whole thing die slowly. Considering social media is quick to forget any matter with in short time. 

Whatever it may be, we really want Ali Zafar to speak up and prove himself not guilty only if! 

What are your thoughts and opinion on this whole matter? Share with us, in a civil manner. 

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