Birthday Special: 5 Reasons why we love Saba Qamar!

Birthday Special: 5 Reasons Why We Love Saba Qamar!

Saba Qamar is more than just a pretty face!

Saba is an ambitious and a go-getter woman who believes in working day and night to achieve things she wants. She is driven, ambitious and has self respect. Also, she doesn’t give a flying s**t about what others think of her!

She is a powerhouse performer!

Saba proved her mettle as an actress in drama “Baaghi” where she played the role of Internet sensation Qandeel Baloch who was murdered by her own brother in the name of honour, and man, she did full justice to the role!


We all know that our favourite is a feminist too! She believes that we need to stop shaming women for trying to earn a living. In an interview she quoted: ” I am a fighter, i appeal to all the women in the world, look around, speak up. Don’t allow women to be humiliated and treated this way”

She choose powerful roles over regular roles!

If we look, almost every role saba plays has a hidden message for society. Whether it’s her role in Digest Writer, Hindi Medium or Baaghi.

In an interview with a Mumbai-based publication, Mid-Day, Saba said that while she can do regular roles at this point in her career, she chooses not to. She owes her fans to not fall into a stereotypical spiral of being typecast into certain girl-next-door roles.

She is an extremely HARDWORKING woman!

As they say, hardwork pays off! One thing we’ve noticed about our starlet, Saba, is that she’s extremely hardworking. She gives her 100% in everything she does. In an interview, she said ” One should be passionate about their work. We need to let go of our egos and work tirelessly.”

Well, we think we can go on and on about why we love this woman, but we think let’s save all that for another day!

Team #PeoplePakistan wishes our starlet Saba Qamar a very Happy Birthday!❤ 


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