All is not well between Imran Khan and wife Bushra Maneka!

All is not well between Imran Khan and wife Bushra Maneka!

Rumour has it that Imran Khan’s spiritual mentor-turned-wife, Bushra Maneka has left him after a dispute and had been at her maternal home from over a month! As per sources, the dispute was over Bushra Maneka’s son overstaying at Khan’s house in Islamabad.

The same issue led to differences between Imran and his second wife Reham Khan.

Before their wedding, the couple had reportedly agreed that no one from Bushra Maneka’s family would stay too long at Bani Gala.

However, it has not been clarified so far if she has gone due to differences with Imran or it is a routine departure.

On the other hand, Khan’s pet dogs which were kicked out of Bani Gala are also brought back. The presence of dogs reportedly interfered in the religious activities of Maneka due to which she wanted the expulsion of the dogs from the house.

Meanwhile, twitter users showed some concern and provided ideas to save Khan’s third marriage!

Have a look:


Imran Khan’s reaction to these tweets would be:


Well, there’s no smoke without fire. We hope the couple clear their differences and get back together!

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