Top Internet Memes Of The Day As Cricket Comes Home!

PSL served Pakistan what it aimed for,
Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment!

But Hey No, it wasnt Vidya Balan this time, It was none other than

Yes Shaaaaba Daani!!!


Here bringing you the best of the PSL memes BECAUSE INTERNET HAS NO CHILL!

First and foremost, the real game started on social media as soon as Islamabad United won!

Tell us about it 😏

And then, What celebrations began right after ….






Oh Sorry, Islamabad slept halfway through match because a while ago

Dont Worry Islamabad, we had Fawad Khan covering for you on field and trust us we have no regrets!

On the second hand, heres a look at what was happening with the Peshawar Zalmi

Okay Sammy, your second message?

Last message Sammy?


Hows Kamran reacting on all this?

 Taking help from #KhudKhanaGaramKaro campaign!


A Proof!

We have only one suggestion for Kami at the moment, you should better

Keeping Peshawar Zalmj and Islamabad United aside, Do you know you actually won?!


Btw also there were some very notable personal achievements

And we can’t agree more!!

On whole, We are too glad that Cricket came home and we just wish and pray that it stays at home forever InshaAllah!

Stay tuned to People Pakistan for more!

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