5 Things Common In Every Pakistani Drama!

Undoubtedly, Pakistani dramas have set a bench mark too high. Realistic story, natural acting and just the right amount of running time are the ingredients which make them oh so amazing!

Not only us but even our neighbourhood is also smitten!

However, there are somethings which left us totally amused. How can this be possible in every damn serial!

Bringing you Top 5 things which you’ll find in every Pakistani drama, FOR SURE!

1. Main Leads are always cousins

Each and every time! When cousin marriages are actually becoming less popular in our country, we wonder why our story writers are still obsessed!


2. Hero always ends up loving the girl he hated at first!

Whether its Ashar or Khirad or Zaroon or Kashaf, the love story always starts at mutual hatred for each other.

3. Financial Status Disparity

Apart from being good looking and cultured, the guy is always raking in lots of moolah

Girl on the other hand is the ‘bari beti with no bhai’ trying to make ends meet!

4. The girl just never says No to marrying the hero she HATES THE MOST!

Basically ‘Can’t stand him but cant say no’ is the motto of the heroine. Shaadi bhi usi se karni hai jisey sub se ziada nafrat hai

And Lastly,

5. One rain song/scene and Tada the girl falls for the guy!

Guess rains are the only thing which wakes the emotion of our heroines.
And the next thought is…

In short, this is our one super hit drama and we’ll love it the same way!

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