Sri Devi’s Last Message for Sajal Aly

Sri Devi’s Last Message for Sajal Aly


Bollywood actress, Sridevi, who passed away on Saturday due to accidental drowning in bathtub, was last seen in the film MOM! Our very own Sajal Aly played the role of her daughter.

Unfortunately, Sajal lost her real mother during the shoot of her Bollywood debut film (MOM) and Sridevi comforted her during the difficult time. After the tragedy, Sajal even called Sridevi and broke down, saying that the whole experience was too close to her to be treated just as a film.

We’ve also seen SriDevi getting emotional for Sajal, couple of times during promotions of her last film “MOM”

In numerous interviews, Sajal even stated that SriDevi is her mother across border.

After hearing about the sudden demise of Sridevi (who was like a mother-figure to her), Sajal took to Instagram to express her feelings in one line.

Here’s what she wrote:

“Lost my mom again…”

In a conversation with a leading daily, Sajal said:

“She was like my mother. I am in a state of shock right now… It feels like losing my mother again.” 

She also said that she could not attend Masala Awards in Dubai, held few months back and that is when she got a message from Sridevi saying “i missed you beta” Sajal said.“That’s the last message I have from her. After that we spoke quite a few times in the last two months. But sadly, when she called me a few days back I missed her call because I was shooting and I was thinking of calling her back, but I guess I took too much time to do that,”

“Boney sir messaged me that ma’am [Sridevi] wanted to meet me and had been talking about me, I had lost my mother [on March 17 last year] while shooting for MOM and ma’am told me how the same thing happened with her when she was shooting for Lamhe (1991), when her father passed away… She even hugged me tight and said she is not just my mother on screen but in real life too,”

“The last I spoke to her, she complained ‘aap mujhe call nahi karte ho, kya aap ko meri yaad nahi aati’ and then she made me promise that I must call or message her every day… She would tell me that she would take care of me, make me eat a lot so that I put on some weight. Ma’am was always concerned about me and Boney sir used to scold me saying that ma’am would always worry about me because I don’t take good care of myself.”

“She always had an eye on me. Minus any starry tantrums, she was like a guiding force for all of us. She would clap every time she felt I performed well and would come and hug me. She would also help me with scenes,”

“She was in good health and was attending a marriage in the family in Dubai and was very happy. How could this happen to her? Unki awaz abhi bhi mere kano mein goonjh rahi hai,” Sajal concluded. 


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